Bloody Sun

Bloody SunsEdit

Leadership: Small Council

Total Members: 758

Legend So Far...Edit

Arrival on Bavak

Found a Harvester's Bane and Water Tree

Built a Lodge

Darkovis Discovered, Azure Hoof and Bavakian Trout

Built a Castle, destroying a mountain in process.

Recruited Blue, and recovered 600,000 Gold.

Darkovis Discovered Kokiri Forest

Mag Discovered Gerudo Desert

Mag Discovered/Destroyed Mt. Fuji

Mag Discovered/Created Nagasaki Crater

Guilded Outpost Cyrodil, Lorded by Rockus, Heired by John.

Recruited 20 Members

Village of unbrandeds moved outside Cyrodil, named Randstad.

Added a Mage tower to a Tower of Cyrodil, Recruited 25 Blood Mages.

Mag Discovered the Pacific Ocean.

Gained Allegiance of RipSaw Orcs, Rewarded all of their territory and remaining Guild Members.

Recruited 120 Members.

Recruited 80 Members.

Recruited 501 Members