The Bavakian chronicle.

The Bavkian Chronicle contains all the collected knowledge of everything native to Bavak as it is discovered by it's owners.

How do we look something up?Edit

There is a section in the book with a blank page, you simply write what you want to know about and the book will absorb the ink and open to that page.

The MapEdit

The map is a section in the book that gives you a full topographical map of Bavak. It also can be updated to show established towns, cities, landmarks, and other things that can be named.

How do we get to name something?Edit

To cause the Bavakian Chronicle to accept your name for something you must be the first one to find it and name it. Once named point the book at it and say the chosen name. The book will then update that thing with that name, all Bavakian chronicles across the planet.


List of Chapters

- Flora and Fauna

- Bavakian Chronicle Spells

- The Rules of Bavak

- Updates

- The Map

- Guilds