Basic Iron SwordEdit

Your typical everyday double edged sword.


5 Iron Bars, 1 animal hide.

RipSaw StickaEdit

The RipSaw Sticka is used primarily to pierce through thick armor. The Sticka posses a very unique design using the Animal tusk welded to the blade. This Tusk is meant to pierce or crack the armor of enemies at key point and then yank it off. The tusk is the primary part of the weapon, the rest of the sticka is crafted as a typical RipSaw Blade.


1 Animal Hide, 10 Iron Bars.

Jade BladeEdit

The Jade Blade is used primarily to kill Mages. Once crafted into a sword the blade gains a tuning fork like property. When hit against a solid surface the blade emits a high pitched frequency that disrupts the magic in the
area. Mages will have a much more difficult time using their spells under this condition. The Blade is also able to cut through any constructs made of magic and in some cases deflecting magical projectiles. Not much use against armor and primarily a piercing weapon by design, the blade is not useful for enlongated combat and is usually carried as a situational weapon. This sword must be bound by guild and blood to it's owner, it will seem to weigh 90 times more to anyone no bonded to it.


900 Jade stones, 50 Iron Bars, 5 Animal hides, Banner Rally Incantation, Vial of owner's Blood.