Basic Plate ArmorEdit

A suit of armor made of Iron or steel. Covers the majority of the wearers body, provides the most protection from weaponry. Is very heavy.


A full suit require 30 iron bars.


Black Order PlateEdit

A suit of Plate armor crafted for the use of The Black Order. It covers the Major strike spots with thick armor and leaves some of the body covered with ScaleMail, this allows the wearer to move their limbs easier and still provides protection from arrows and swords.


A full suit requires: 50 Iron Bars, 10 Hides, 90 Scales (Animal or Iron).

Dwarven Plate ArmorEdit

A suit of Plate armor crafted in traditional Dwarven fashion. Covers the wearers entire body with Thick Steel. The range of movement is limited heavily and the armor weighs down quite a bit. This armor is un-effected by arrows or spears, swords have even been known to break against this thick exterior.


A full suit requires: 100 Iron Bars, 50 Animal hides, 50 Steel Bars.

RipSaw Orc PlateEdit

This armor is the guild attire of the RipSaw Orcs.

It adapts the traditional Orcish armor stylings and slams more bits of metal onto it.

It practically decorates itself with bones and skulls, as well as imapling armor spikes. It sacrifices armor at the arm joints to provide the best swinging arc. The rest of the armor is very thick in nature yet retains the wearers movement. This armor is perfect for mass production and War alike.


40 Iron Bars, 20 Animal Hides, 5 Animal Skulls.

BloodRose PlateEdit

This is the Guild attire for the Knight of the BloodRose.
Bloodoath armor

This plate armor utilizes layered Plate patterns to increase it's resistance to blunt and bladed attacks. It leaves large areas open and fills then with thick Chain Mail. This design allows the user to breath while in combat but still be protected. Cape and Tabard optional.


900 Iron Bars, 6,000,000 1inch iron rings.

RazorBack PlateEdit

This armor is the guild attire for the RazorBack Savages.

This armor Covers certain areas of the wearers body with thick plate and in some areas leaves the wearer bare. The Midsection is coated with large thick leather armor. The Elbows are spiked with spear tips. The Boots are fitted with Jagged toe spiked and Shin Guards. The helmet fully obscures the face of the wearer but does not inhibit their field of view. Only the Blade side shoulder gets a Pauldron. This design places armor in highly Offensive positions to increase the savagery of the wearer by trading Defense for Offense.


800 Iron Bars, 90 Animal hides.