The term Guild defines a group of beings gathered under one banner and that banner's leadership. A guild works together to complete all goals and win the game.

Ranks and LeadershipEdit

Guilds can contain an unlimited amount of ranks and can have any form of leadership including but not limited to:

1. Democracy 2. Tyranny 3. Council 4. Despotism 5. Republic


A banner is a flag that has the logo of your guild, this logo can be anything but all banners controlled by your guild must have the same logo.


Tabards are basically banners people can wear.


The guild system is an integral part of the game and so when someone joins a guild the Leyline of Bavak will brand them with the guilds logo on the back of their neck. If a guild has not chosen a logo yet the name of the guild will be branded there instead. The branding is painless and is magical in nature, this being the case the brand will dissipate after leaving or being dismissed from the guild. To ensure a clear brand at all times beings cannot join a guild, and leave a guild in the same month. Within that month the unbranded may not set foot on any guild's controlled grounds. Controlled grounds are marked by Guild Banners.


To take ground or a structure for your guild all that is required is banners on all outside walls and some decorative ones inside. This is easy to accomplish by using the spell to do so called "Banner Rally".


Guild members can communicate by pressing their brand and saying the name of the guild-mate they wish to communicate with. This can be limited by rank.

Forming a new GuildEdit

To form a new guild cast the "Guild Oath" Spell.

Branding a GuildEdit

The guild master must place their hand on a drawing of the desired symbol and recite "Brand this symbol on my Brethren to bond them in blood." five times. All members of the guild will then be simultaneously branded.