Discovered RacesEdit


A very Basic Race. They dominate a Planet called Earth by massively reproducing and constantly creating new weaponry to overpower those whom are naturally stronger than them.

Black Orcs

A brutal and War-favoring race of large greenish plant-type lifeforms. They reproduce at a high rate and dominate their enemies with jagged weaponry and monstrous machines.


Dwarven Constructs imbued with magic and freewill. These constructs have abnormal abilities based on their model numbers and purposes. They are made completely of metal and magic. They do not breathe, eat or sleep. They can be repaired using healing magic or by a blacksmith.


Referred to as Grots from their native planet they reproduce at a ratio of 7 to 1 and give birth within a week. They are highly uneducated but possess an almost uncanny knack for creating machines, weaponry, armor and anything that goes boom. They are controlled by the Orks as they come from the same universe.


A cross between Elves and Humans. Usually outcast from both societies, half elves find their own niche in the forest. Often mistaken for Wood Elves this race is very agile and has a keen sense for the bow.