383 ca ranger

Has an Azure Hoof for War Riding. Named Thundra Horn.

Longbow 2d6 dmg

Short Bio:

Abandoned at the age of three for being a half-elf, he was left to the wilds to die but the forests would not let that happen. The creatures of the forest took hm in and raised him, teaching him how to survive and thrive in the wilderness. By the age of nine he was abe to fend for himself completely. He began to venture out and learn more about the society that shunned him and as he did he was captured and forced into servitude by a band of human rogues. They used him to eradicate the same creatures and beasts that he owed his life to. Once he was forced to kill them the rogues made a dire mistake and lessened the guard that kept him and several others prisoner. He waited unil the time was right before staging a breakout, killing his former captors and fleeing into the Great Forest he once called home. He stayed there until he was twenty-three, then The Game began....



HP 50

Spd 6

Init +7

AC 21

Fort 16

Ref 19

Will 16


Str 11+0

Con 13+1

Dex 19+4

Int 10+0

Wis 14+2

Cha 10+0


Athletics 3

Acrobatics  7

Arcana 3

Bluff 3

Diplomacy 5

Dungeoneering 10

Endurance 9

Heal 10

History 3

Inisight 7

Intimidate 3

Nature 15

Perception 10

religion 3

stealth 12

streetwise 3

thievery 10

Crafting 10

Hunting 15