Iron dagger

Basic Iron DaggerEdit

A basic sidearm weapon, Mostly used for piercing weak points in armor or as a last resort style weapon.


5 Iron bars, 1 Animal Hide.

Orcish HackaEdit

It may be the size of a normal Short sword but Orcs refuse to carry anything smaller, This blade is no stranger to
Orc Dagger
hacking off limbs. The blade is designed with a sharp and jagged front blade and an equally deadly Spiked backblade for a nasty back-swing. It is decorated with a Skull to not only frighten enemies but can also be used as a blunt surface for clubbing. The Handguard is spiked for a deadly jab surface, this is reffered to as the 'Knucks'.


20 Iron Bars, 1 animal hide, 1 Animal Skull.