Create a global government or rulership and achieve complete global dominance. Leader must also lead a guild containing at least 100 members.


A single wish, this wish can be anything. It will be granted.


Dying - Death is permanent unless intervened by magic. There is no hidden place or room where you go and await the end of the game. Bavak is also swamped in energy that grabs onto the souls of those who pass on and traps it. Religious deities cannot save you from this fate.

Magic - Magic is possible here, in all of it's forms. However if you try to use too much magic within a short amount of time or use magic stronger than you can control the leyline will eat your magical attunement and possibly you.

Leaving - Leaving Bavak before the first 10,000 years of the game is forbidden. Doing so will result in your immediate sacrifice to the Leyline. Going to another plane of existence is not considered leaving however entering this plane again outside the limits of Bavak is.