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Basic Iron AxeEdit

Typically used as a woodcutting tool the axe is a go to weapon for those more suited for labor than being a soldier. Having a familiar weapon causes a sense of ease in those wielding it and is easier to learn how to use than something new.


2 Iron bars, 1 tree branch.

General's SideaxeEdit

Created to replace a dagger with something more useable in elongated combat, the General's sideaxe is very usefu
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l in close quarters. It is well balanced and can be thrown accurately. The Axe head is longer than most axes it's size. This is because Generals know that armor is thicker than trees. The handguard is made of tempered iron to provide knuckle protection and a hard reliable stricking surface. The end of the handle has been reinforced with Iron to provide yet another striking surface. The handle itself is shaped in a curve to provide more of an innate force behind the swing. The wooden handle is mostly an exterior to an entire full-tang design.


5 Iron bars, 1 tree branch.

Orc ChoppaEdit

Easily mistaken for a sword at first glance the surprising amount of weight it's design conceals quickly defeats those who aren't familiar with orc
craftsmanship. The Choppa is lined with a serrated striking edge, and wrapped with leather straps to keep the iron tightly fit to the handle. The handguard is very thick iron with welded spiked speckling it, this is reffered to as the 'Jawbreaker'. A Choppa is not a lone weapon and is usually paired with an Orcish Hacka or another Choppa.


10 Iron Bars, 2 animal Hides.